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J. Pith Reviews Convo and Chill (unauthorized and uncompensated)

Covid19 restrictions have made shut-ins of many. Aching for entertainment, I resorted to a long-time standby for rainy days in the woods; card games. Quickly tiring of poker and similar games, I felt it was time to explore for something fresh.

A few minutes into my online research, I discovered Convo and Chill ( The game challenges potential users to "experience the thrill ... from stimulation that comes from intense, humorous and provocative questions". The game currently costs $22.00 USD and its marketed as a conversation starter for dates, parties and other gatherings.


Groups of 2 to 10 can play. Playing means being asked one of 99 questions and responding. This is not a trivia game. You answer based upon your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. There are no points to score and the goal is to create good conversation.

We found the game to be entertaining and best suited for learning about newer friends. Our time together allowed us to predict answers that significant others would provide.

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